Monday, 18 February 2013

Justice for Germans

A great website , run by a German himself. Filled with fascinating documentaries and information regarding National Socialism and WW2

Click here to go to the Justice for Germans Website    


  1. Which is worse, National Socialism by Hitler or International Socialism by Merkel?

    Both lead to ruin for Europe and for Germans eventually.

    The difference is no bombed buildings and millions killed.

    However, instead Europe is filled with 3rd world scroungers. That wouldn't have happened under National Socialism.

  2. Will send info if I get a reply --thanks

  3. National Socialism was designed to help the down trodden German working class by lifting them out of the morass of their poverty, deprivation, and cultural stagnation. And the national socialists, under Hitler, were able to do attain these goals with outstanding and spectacular success, by creating the German people's own currency, known as German Labour Treasury Certificates to distinguish it from the Jewish Bankers currency -- the Deutche Mark. In addition, the National Socialists created work schemes for the unemployed German working-class using a system of massive public works' projects for which the people were well paid in German Labour Treasury Certificates. Thus the German people had plenty of incentives to work by being well paid for their labour and the working people's prosperity and cultural uplift bloomed and flourished under National Socialism. For the first time in their lives the working people of Germany received holidays with pay and had earned enough money to own cars, call the people's cars - the Volkswagons Under the National Socialist Government, no one who wanted to work was without work. Germany became the wealthiest country in all Europe within four short years, and this meant that Germany was the wealthiest country in the world under National Socialism.
    Under International Socialism or Communism the opposite results were attained, that is massive poverty, hunger, deprivation, cultural degradation and the massacres of entire populations in Russia where the International Socialists established their reign of terror and brutality that resulted in the horrific deaths of some sixty-six million ethnic Russians.

  4. Ah Germans, head first into a wall.