Tuesday, 17 April 2012

NATIONAL SOCIALIST AMERICAN LABOR PARTY N.S.A.L.P The Party of American National Socialism

I was browsing on the internet and i came across this GREAT website which i support 100%. The Jewish Marxists/Capitalists hold the U.S hostage with the control of the Federal Reserve , Media, Politics etc resulting in the moral decline of the U.S and involving the US military in constant war for the sake of Israel . In this GREAT website you will see how the NATIONAL SOCIALIST AMERICAN LABOR PARTY  of America seeks to kick out these Jewish-Zionist scumbags from the positions of power in Capital Hill. The NATIONAL SOCIALIST AMERICAN LABOR PARTY also fully stands in solidarity with the Palestinians against the brutal, illegal Zionist occupation of their lands :

The NSALP hereby continues the tradition of National Socialist solidarity with the Palestinian people
Palestinian President Abbas, submitted a formal request for Statehood to the United Nations, of course Israel, by way of its vassel state the United States has pledged to veto the Palestinian request for Statehood. To make such a request to the United Nations, a supposed democratic world body, where five self-serving Nations, the United States, Russia, Britain, France, and China can veto any action passed by the body demonstrates just how shallow and hypocritical that body truly is.
It is interesting that the Palestinian people should have to make such a request for statehood within their own land.
The first Nation and world leader to call world-wide attention to the plight of the Palestinian people was the National Socialist Government of Germany and Reich Chancellor Adolf Hitler. 

 The NSALP 's policy Regarding Zionism 

Loyalty to Zionism and Israel ahead of America is treason to America and should be treated as such.  The NSALP calls for the ending of all foreign aid to Israel in response to Israel’s actions against Palestinian civilians, repeated Israeli espionage on the United States and repugnant Israeli sex trafficking that is essentially condoned by the Israeli government. 

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  1. I think it is pathetic that we grovel over the scraps of the jews..